Wake cello

Wade plays Nathan’s cello #1 at Peabody, 2/12/2019.

Based on H. S. Wake, “A Strad Model ‘Cello Plans” 1975

Useful additional dimensions from spec. sheet by Alan Goldblatt

Spreadsheet with cello hardware and workshop items


In the middle ages there were many kinds of stringed instrument that somewhat resembled the modern violin family. However during the 16th century several makers produced instruments with bass bar & sound post, and the modern violin family was born. The instruments of Stradivari, Guarneri & Amati are now consider the templates or standards for all that followed.

Exploded view showing some connections


Exploded view of cello. Source.

The laser cut templates used here help to produce alignment. However a basic method of construction is to leave extra wood in a few places until the pieces are brought together. Then they can be shaped & will match.

  • The fingerboard is joined to the neck very early & guides shaping of the neck. Then it is removed, during finishing, and reattached.
  • The back has an extra tab sticking out, the button. Extra material is left on the neck near the button. Then when all pieces are put together, the neck can be shaped to match the button.

Woodworking tools & techniques

Wood has some peculiarities that one must know in order to work without too many setbacks.

Belly & back






Hard case

Templates, forms, jigs

Patterns & construction notes for the templates. Probably only for hard core folks who want to set up at home.


An innovative cello made from giant bamboo by architect Mr. Tanaka of North Kyu-syu Japan. Thank you Nono!